WARNING NUDITY 18+ As the Hunter's become the Hunted An Untamed Perverted World Documentary (Video & Pictures)WARNING NUDITY 18+

From these Scumbags to Hunter Biden Its all one big Cult Club and your not in it... But Hunter Biden is and that is why he's protected from Justice unlike you or I who would be instantly arrested and jailed  for far lesser of crimes But it's OK to be an Elite Pedophile Pervert Crack Head Son of a President 

The life and times of Hunter Biden from his computers Hard Drive he left in a computer repair shop for over a year and as per agreement after a certain amount of time it become property of the Computer store as it did here. Its is said that the PC shop owner searching the hard drives for possible child porn evidence as he does with all abandoned hard drives found much much more than he couldn't believe he hit the jackpot of perverts and who this person was was even a bigger surprise. He the computer shop owner is not a Russian and has no ties to the Russian He's a patriotic American small business owner just trying to make an honest living and doing his little part to help keep children safe and bring pedophiles to Justice by searching these abandoned hard drives It sometimes pays off like this time with a Biden Criminal Treasure trove of it is said to contain evidence of Treason, Pornography, Drugs, Fraud, Pay to Play, and Pedophilia  Here is but the tip of the Biden iceburg that will definitely sink the Biden Ship when its all made public in the very near future



  1. at least he can then later have a 2nd carreer as a porn star

    1. Where is the evidence of pedophilia? What exactly is the problem with consenting adults making explicit material? Seems to me the problem is going through someone else’s computer without being law enforcement with a warrant.

      FYI You spelled “ICEBERG” incorrectly.

    2. Imagine Ivanka Trump pictures during Trumps presidency. Every Media outlet would publish it on the front cover to destroy Trump.

    3. @janYnk20 The laptop itself is said to contains a lot more incriminating evidence of many crimes including pedophilia and you must be a democrats because Its not alright for the son of the president In his position smoking crack and dealing with foreign government like China, Russia and the Ukraine makes Hunted Biden a hugely gross and compromised individual But now anything seems to be OK for Democrats as long as their in charge. Go ahead smoke crack pay for play children in cages borders wide open ... Biden's in charge and all is well right... WRONG!!! The countries a mess and on the verge of civil war very soon or just total internal collapse. And the last obvious thing is if this had a been Trump Son the Mainstream Media Liars would have been all over it and would still be on about it But it was not Trumps son Its was Super Biden the untouchables son and not a peep on any one of the network Liars at CNN ABC CBS MSNBC etc. They buried it so deep practically no one heard about it in the United States but outside of the USA It was all over the internet . One just had to look past the end of his or her nose, do a little due diligence and use a little common sense and you will always come to the truth no matter how far fetched that truth may be. Truth is the only way forward without it all Humanity will never be truly FREE and Independent

  2. Damn! I'm a conservative republican...but I low key wanna smash HB like a mofo right now, I'll start with those Skittles��


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